Writerly news 2022

Wrangling with my manuscripts!

Emerging from my writer’s nook (okay that’s not ME but it’s definitely a mood!)

Hi everyone! Apologies for my sporadic posting – but I’ve been very busy working on one of my manuscripts for submission! Last year I was asked to submit one of my stories to major publisher, but as I hadn’t worked on it for some time I asked if I might submit it this year instead. And I’ve only just finished! I had a serious soggy middle that needed some beefing up and wasn’t confident about the overall pace. Some beta reading from some lovely writers from the RWAs aspiring group and my lovely talented writer friend Clare (as well as some sound advice from Writers SA manuscript Incubator mentor Victoria Purman) the time working on it before submission has paid off to the point where I was happy with this current draft. So after some encouragement (because I spook easy) off it went! Not only to the editor that requested it – but a couple of comps too!

THE SOGGY MIDDLE (indicated by yellow and orange post-its!)

In addition to this I recieved some feedback on another manuscript (that currently only has six chapters) but I’ll take small wins where I can – Girls of the USO is garnering interest (from the Ink and Inksights competition) I scored 11th out of 125 unpublished manuscripts! The same manuscript has finaled in a Romance Writers of New Zealand competion and I placed third in the Valerie Parv competition last year! So after some advice – I think I’ll focus on that story and rework my other full ms (that has been rejected) for submission to an agent. Around everything work related I’m not sure where I find the time (oh and my poor kiddo got covid too!!)

I will keep you all posted on any news!

In other news, my short story ‘An Easter Lily on the Somme’ is available for 99c! HERE!

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