Monthly Archives: September 2019

RWA Conference roundup

What a great conference in Melbourne this year, a highlight for me was that I was a finalist in two awards – The prestigous Valerie Parv Awards (for unpublished author/unpublished manuscript) and runner up in the Selling Submission competition.

I did the wonderful Natasha Lester’s plotting masterclass and attended many insightful sessions. Nalini Singh and Anne Gracie’s presentations were definitely high craft moments.

The panel on diversity chaired by Amy Mathews and with participants MV Ellis, Nicole Hurley-Moore and Renee Dahli-Geelen was a particular important milestone for the Australian Romance community and I found it enlightening and heartfelt.

A new blog and website soon!

I’ve been investigating a new website for my writerly persona – one that involves a mix of science, romance and history (and a little on craft and technique) it’s something I’ve been thinking of for a while if I am to take this business seriously (AKA something an actual published author would do). I want to commit to a blog post once every 4-6 weeks (I honestly can’t make a more than that with work and family) on my fave topics and provide some outward face to the world. Today, authors have to be savvy about marketing themselves and their ‘brand’! Anyway, watch this space!